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Introducing "Science Mystery"

Starting on Sunday, October 31, I will be posting a series called "Science Mystery" which will be an interactive science program set within a mystery. My students, each week, will be conducting science experiments that will give them clues to solve the mystery of The Missing Masterpiece. Your family can watch the experiments and make your own guesses as to the thief. I will have a sheet that you can download so that you can keep track of the suspects and the clues each week and join us in being sleuths. 
I will also have a link for the parents so you can perform the same experiments in your own home to make the mystery's clues a hands-on experience for your own kids. At the bottom of each experiment I will also be including a list of materials you will need for the next week's experiment, so that you will have time to gather them. The materials are all household items, many of which you may already have in your home.
Our mystery begins with a wealthy man who has planned a small dinner party, but when the guests arrive both the host and one of his prized possessions, a valuable painting, are missing. This is where we step in and our young sleuths will analyze crime scenes (don't worry moms, there is no blood or violence), footprints, fingerprints, powders, liquids, tape lifts, and the ransom note, each adding more clues to solve the mystery. I hope that you will all be able to join us for this fun adventure. If you participate all during the mystery, which will last for six weeks, your children will get a certification of participation. Participation can be either your child viewing the posts and your making a comment on your child's assessment of the clues or a post on your own blog of your family performing the experiments. If you do perform the experiments and include them on your blog, please grab the button on the right  to add to your post.
 If you would like to start now, click here.
If you would like to download and print out the worksheet to keep track of the experiment results and the suspects, click here.


  1. This is so interesting. I am currently planning family reading night for our elementary school and the theme I chose is Secret Agents. I will be following you for more ideas!!!

  2. I loved mysteries as a kid. This sounds like so much fun! Thanks for including all of us on your adventures!

  3. Totally in. I was planning on doing a small scale mystery with my kids anyways, but I can save mine for later and do as much as we're able to!

  4. Anonymous17.10.10

    Phyllis, this looks like so much fun! My kids are Science nuts, almost every unit we did was science themed for years and years. I'm going to try and work this in, thank you for putting it together for us! I loved, loved, loved the pastel drawings and the Joan of Arc posts this past week, so fun to read.


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