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Halloween Symmetry

Symmetry: (mathematics) an attribute of a shape or relation; exact reflection of form on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane.
Today we did a math lesson in symmetry and made Halloween decorations at the same time.
First  you fold your choice of paper in half. On one half of the paper, draw half your shape and then cut around the lines.

It could be bats or...

pumpkins or...
 cats or spiders or Frankenstein or

ghosts or whatever you fancy.
Now, open the paper up again to see how it looks!

  This activity seems to use the same sort of neurological path that handwriting uses, so if your child is learning or struggling with handwriting, this might be just as difficult for them...but then it is an additional time they can practice. For my youngest, I followed his directions and did the cutting for him.

For my struggling 9-year old, I guided him verbally, but had him do it himself. He struggled, but did not get too frustrated. He kept saying that it was really hard, but fun anyway.

And then we made symmetrical faces.

When you are finished they can double as Halloween decorations.

Halloween Symmetry Lesson from Child's Play
Symmetric Faces from Mathwire
More lessons on Symmetry.
And here.
Or if you would rather make an owl.
We have done symmetry activities with pattern blocks  and used paint to make symmetrical ladybugs.
Fold a round shaped piece of paper in half. Have the child put dots of black paint on one half. Fold over again and the identical spots will appear on the other side.


  1. I love them as Halloween decorations. My kids would LOVE this!

  2. Interesting that you would post on symmetry today - I was thinking about doing a symmetry art project for school on Thursday.

  3. Oh, those are so pretty! I love when art and math make a lesson come together...

  4. I love how you ran with the idea! Now, I wish I had more kids so we can make more Halloween decorations too! Love the checkered patterns, Frankenstein, and the hat in the first picture! :)


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