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Geography-Postcard Album: Washington DC, Our Nation's Capital

This week we put Washington District of Columbia in our postcard album. We discussed why it is called the District of Columbia; how it is not a state but a district and how it was named Columbia after Christopher Columbus, which some thought our nation should be called instead of America. Columbia then was one of the poetic names somewhat like we call it "Uncle Sam" today. We picked out a scrapbook page with crabs on it for it's closeness to the Chesapeake Bay. I had thought to use the paper for Maryland, but it ended up being used for Washington DC instead. Besides the postcard we received of the White House, we included a map and the recipe for Senate bean soup, which is served at the Senate restaurant daily. We had the soup last week and we included a picture of that as well. Although not that appetizing looking, it was quite tasty. I had never had a bean soup with mashed potatoes in it.
We talked about all the special places in Washington D.C. (besides the White House, the Capitol, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the Pentagon.)
On field trip to Washington DC, 2012

We also talked about how the centers of all three branches of the federal government of the United States are located there. We talked about how it is situated between Maryland and Virginia. We also looked at the Potomac and Anacostia rivers that run through it.
"Museums and monuments define the Washington, DC landscape, but the stories behind this majestic capital merely begin here. Looking beyond the monuments, from Abigail Adams to the National Zoo, to all the cherry blossoms, flags, houses, and presidents in between, N is for Our Nation's Capital is like a guided tour along the most interesting routes in our capital. Did you know the cherry trees that are an integral part of DC's scenery were gifts from Japan? Or that Mrs. Taft planted the first two?" 

visited 2 states (4%) and Washington DC

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  1. Great study of Washington DC. I have always wanted to visit there and see it first hand, haven't made it yet maybe someday. My sister got to see it, and said it was a wonderful experience. I think that soup sounds rather yummy! Thank you for linking up this week.


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