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Cootie Catchers for Fun Learning

My youngest son likes variety in his lessons. He, like me, does not take comfort in sameness. So I am always on the lookout for fun ways to do his lessons. Although he knows all the basic sounds of the alphabet, he is hesitating taking that leap to blending the letters to make words. I came upon the idea of using a cootie catcher to making sounding out three letter words a game. This is a simple way to make reading those simple, three-letter words fun. Just grab a sheet of paper, and if you can't remember how to fold them, directions are here. To write the words, flatten out the Cootie Catcher and write the a's first. Then fill in the rest of the words. The words we used are bat, sad, ran, cap bad, cat, sat, pad, rap, van, can, and tap . If you follow this order, each word can have a different beginning and ending and as the Cootie Catcher is moved the letters form a new words. Or you can use your own words.

You can open the flaps and put drawings or stickers for rewards for reading the words correctly or you add sentences with those words in them.

Or you can make a nature study cootie catcher like this lovely one from 5 Orange Potatoes. This one uses the flaps to direct the child's attention to various things in nature in their own backyard. It is nice because they can pick the area they want to explore by picking the flap. If you follow the link, she gives lots of ideas on what to write inside.

The possibilities are endless...Math Table Facts, Fraction and Decimal Equivalents, Spelling practice, State abbreviations...

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  1. Wonderful! My youngest two will loooooove this :)

  2. lovely moment, I love the boat! Looks like you had a good first week of school!

  3. This is a wonderful idea, I might use it with my eldest son, who is now learning the Greek alphabet. French vocabulary will do too!
    Thanks for sharing!

    heidi margit

  4. Oh I have a kindergartner who would love to learn to read playing this game. Thank you for sharing.


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