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Saint Francis DeSales

Civil War: The Battle at Gettysburg

Wednesday, July 1, 1863
Looking North from McPherson's Ridge

The fighting began early on July 1 as Union Cavalry attempted to hold off the Confederate advance west of Gettysburg. At around 10:30 am the Union I Corps arrived and relieved General Buford's cavalrymen.
Reynold's Woods with Reynold's Marker

By the afternoon, however, the Confederates were and attacking west and north of town. The Union I and XI Corps were forced to retreat through town and up to the high ground known as Cemetery Hill, south of Gettysburg.

Thursday, July 2, 1863
The second day of battle saw fighting on both ends of the Union line.
Confederate General James Longstreet led the main thrust of attacks
Big and Little Round Top
on the left end of the Union Army, attacking in the areas around...From the Crest of Little Round Top
Little Round Top, At Devil's Den, Looking out at Valley of Death and Bloody Run
Devil's Den, Top of Devil's Den, Looking Toward the Wheatfield
the Wheatfield and the...The Peach Orchard
Peach Orchard.
With an attack on the extreme Union left turned back... Extreme Union Left at Little Round Top
at Little Round Top,
the fighting concluded on the left,
the hostilities quickly shifted to the far right end of the Union line with Confederate assaults on...View from Culp's Hill Observation Tower
Culp's Hill and East Cemetery Hill.

Friday, July 3, 1863
The final day of the conflict started early when the Federals launched attacks...View of Gettysburg from Culp's Hill
at the base of Culp's Hill,
attempting to retake earthworks that had been lost the evening before.
The fighting lasted nearly seven hours. By late morning, the Union Army had retaken their trenches and the Confederates on that end of the battlefield were spent.
Following a brief lull, Lee launched his final attack, Left end of the Angle
Pickett's Charge. The Angle
The Virginians led the way, as the Confederates attempted and...
High Water Mark of the Confederacy
failed to crush the center of the Union line.

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  3. I have always wanted to travel and see these places first hand. Thank you for linking up this week.


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