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Nature Study: Saddleback Caterpillar

The interesting thing about having done nature study for awhile is that the boys now notice things more. They also know that I am interested in the creatures they find. Today they found a caterpillar outside on one of their toys. They, of course, took pictures for me and showed it to me when I went outside. We researched it and found out it is a Saddleback caterpillar.
Those scary looking bristles apparently secrete a venom that really hurts. It can cause swelling, nausea and a rash that can last for days.

Another bright colored insect that gives us a warning.

The moth that develops from it is an unassuming brown moth.


  1. I enjoyed this post. I enjoy that my little one is more observant, noticing things all the time and taking the time to observe and share with me too.

  2. I think the key is that you are interested in what they find interesting. My boys are the same way...they call me the Fungus Lady and they point out any type of mushroom or fungi they find because they know I am interested. :)

    What a beautiful caterpillar.

    Thanks for sharing your link,

  3. Wow. Now THAT's a caterpillar. And taking the time to figure it all out - great investigative nature study!

  4. I love what my kids find as well. It's fun to see the cool things they discover.


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