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Play With Your Food! or Consumable Math Manipulatives

Math and food go together well. You use math in the kitchen all the time when you measure and count while following a recipe. Taking it slowly and letting your kids participate as much as they are able with the math part of it, learning all the while, makes the experience enjoyable for you both.

Fractions and counting can also be used when making things even without a recipe, like putting toppings on pizza dough you have already made; cheese on the whole pizza, pepperoni on half of it and sausage on a quarter...

Then there are games you can play with jellybeans or other treats as the counters or markers.

You can even teach more than and greater than using pretzel sticks, pepperoni bites and/or cheese chunks, which makes a great snack when the lesson is over.
So, I suggest that you let your kids play with your food and learn a little math painlessly!

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  1. Maybe I would have been better at math if my teachers had used food as a learning tool.

    Love it.


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