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123...I Can Collage!...Turtle Weaving

Under, Over, Under, Over...

Weave the shell of a sea turtle...

First cut a large oval out of paper for the turtle's shell. Starting at one edge, make a half dozen cuts across the oval, stopping about a half-inch to an inch before you get to the other side.
This makes a great first weaving project because having one edge open makes it easier to weave the paper through shell strips.

Then cut some strips of different colored paper. We used scrapbooking papers with all sorts of patterns on them. Weave these strips over and under the strips in the shell. Alternate which strip goes over and which goes under with each strip you weave.

Trim the ends that peek over the shell's edges. Glue down each strip on each end.

Once you are done, glue the turtle's body on a sheet of colored paper.

Cut out ovals for the head and four feet and add them to your picture. Don't forget to add eyes and perhaps a tail.
Don't you just love your turtle?


  1. They're so sweet! I love them. What a great idea.

  2. Anonymous7.5.10

    those turtles look brill. i think i will def have to have a go at this with my children. thanks for the idea :)

  3. Love this! I've had my eye on doing a weaving project with the boys, and this will be perfect for my two little nature nuts.


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