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Greek myth says Medusa, a horrible Gorgon, was so gruesome that all living creatures turned to stone at the sight of her. Her head was rimmed with live snakes for hair. It took Perseus to slay Medusa. After reading the myth to them, the boys made their own Medusa masks...out of construction paper,tissue paper, googly eyes and a paper plate.
If you would like to make one, take some tissue paper strips and cover the inside circle of a paper plate with it. Make Medusa's face with cut out construction paper pieces.

You will need a lot of snakes cut out of construction paper; about sixteen.
Glue these around the rim of the paper plate. You can add googly eyes and tongues made of construction paper to the snakes.Once you finish your masks, you can play a game with them. It is a variation of the bear and the honeypot game. In case you don't know that game, I'll tell it to you as the Medusa game. One person is the Medusa. Put a mirror in front of them on a table or on the floor. (It can be any object, just pretend it is a mirror.) This person covers their face with the mask and the other people leave the room. The people who leave the room sneak into the room and trying not to be heard by the Medusa, touch the mirror. (Medusa...don't peak!If that is too tempting, then you can use a blindfold.) If Medusa hears you, then he points to the person he heard, and that person turns to stone. If anyone is able to get the mirror, then they are able to "cut off Medusa's head" and win. This person gets to be the new Medusa.
Greek Tales can be found here.

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  1. Most of these I'd already commented on, but I'm having fun going through all these posts you linked up. What a great mask for Medusa.


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