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Saint Francis DeSales

Playing Alphabet Games

Quentin is just learning letters, and likes to play alphabet games. He likes to play an alphabet version of Go Fish! but he is not always sure of the names of the letter cards he is holding. To help this, we get him to write the letter he is thinking of on a piece of paper. He delights in writing them. In this fun atmosphere, he practices reading and writing letters...and is always asking for more!


  1. i really respect your commitment to your

    they will be grateful to you someday...might
    tease you a bit for what you make them do. :)

    if you ever need a little encouragement, come
    for a visit. i homeschooled all five of mine, too.

  2. Thanks for the invite. I will certainly drop by. It is easy to be committed when you love doing something! I don't make them do anything hardly, I just start doing things and they crowd around wanting to get in on the action or I call them and they come running so they don't miss out.
    We love being together and doing things. The one exception in housework, but I can't blame them, I don't like it either!


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