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Circuits...Parallel and Series Made Simple

Using a few battery holders, batteries, some wire, some bulb holders and some bulbs, you can carry out many electricity experiments. If you hook up two bulbs to one battery holder in one circle...
the lights glow very dimly. This is called a series circuit.

Hook two bulbs together with two wires to form a circle. Connect one end of one battery to the left side of one bulb and connect the other end of the battery to the right side of the battery. Each of the bulbs will glow as brightly as one alone would, but they use up the battery twice as fast. This is called a parallel circuit.

If you have two batteries in series connected to one bulb, you will blow the bulb out, which is why I don't have a picture of that, but if you add two bulbs to the two batteries in series, the two bulbs will light brightly without blowing out.

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