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Theseus and the Minotaur

"Take this dagger and this string...
and let it unwind as you go in. Then you will be able to follow the string when you come back. Without it, you'll never find you way out again."Theseus walked down long twisting tunnels and winding passages, around many corners, farther and farther into the maze. He could hear the Minotaur bellowing and stamping his hoofs...
At last he saw the huge monster. It bellowed and charged. Theseus struck the Minotaur again and again with his dagger.
At last the Minotaur sank to the ground and lay still. He was dead. Cutting off the beast's horns, Theseus headed back through the maze, following the string.
The story is adapted from Usborne Greek Myths.
Read this and other Greek Tales and Fables.
Idea for using this story as a shadow play, as well as other ideas, here at Acorn Pies.
Ticia has great idea for another Minoan hands-on history about building the Minotaur's Maze from Legos.
UPDATE: Legos has now come up with a game, Minotaurus, featuring the Minotaur and a maze.
This is a great resource for Greek Mythology Flashcards...perhaps a game could be made from them?


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