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Rainbow Crystals

Rainbow Crystals seem to be made of that material that those Dinosaurs (or whatever)
that grow huge when left in water overnight. They scientific name for these superabsorbant crystals is
"cross-linked poyacrylamide copoymer gel."
We put layers of the three colors in a large test tube.
We will check on this in a few days to see what happens.
They were originally developed to help farmer retain water in the soil between waterings.
These tiny crystals soak up to 150-300 times their weight in water!

My boys had fun thinking of ways to experiment with them.

Once you are finished playing with them, leave them out for a few days and they will shrink back to tiny crystals again, which you can store away for another day of play.

These facts can be found in the flyer that comes with the Rainbow Tube.

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