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Dipping Candles

We wanted to experience an old fashioned craft this Thanksgiving; something to evoke the image of the struggling Pilgrims and yet be warm and homey at the same time. We decided on hand-dipped candles, which I first saw at Dresses and Messes. You can make them too. They are simple enough for your youngest and interesting enough for your oldest. This could also be a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah activity.

First put your wax in a clean empty can. Fill it with candle wax. beeswax or broken crayons. Put the can into a pan filled about 1/2-way with water. Heat it slowly, until the wax melts. While the wax is melting, fill another can or Mason jar with cold water.Tie candle wicking or string on a wooden spoon. Dip string into the melted wax.

Alternate between the can of wax and the jar of cold water. The cold water harden and seals the wax so that you are just not melting the wax off your candle with each dip instead of building up your candle.

We had a rhythm going, since we had two children sharing each set, of 10 seconds and then switch.

Continue until it’s as thick as you like. Allow to cool completely.


  1. We had a go at dipped candles for Candlemas. The children loved making them and were very responsible with the hot wax. Lovely idea to do it for Thanksgiving. I like your colour green. Was that the crayons?

    1. No, we had green and red dye left over from when we made Christmas candles one year and they decided they wanted to make a light green.

  2. The green candle in the first photo makes me smile - great project.

  3. I think it is homey.

  4. We did it at a Ren Faire with an advantage of not dealing with hot wax and its leftovers at home. It was a slow activity, but Anna really had fun building her own candle.

  5. Ooohhhhh, making candles looks like a fun activity. I wonder how my kids would do with it, if they'd have the patience for it.......


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