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Field Trip: World War II Games

Imagine my surprise when I saw that Fort Miles in Lewes, Delaware was having a class called War Games featuring WWII activities. I had planned to do my own WWII games, just as I had done the Revolutionary War, Civil War and WWI, but I had to take advantage of this opportunity instead.

The barracks there have many historical items to set the stage and get the boys in the mood. The officers are real army personnel, but are dressed in authentic garb and they give a lesson on the different parts of their uniform. Then the first order of business was to teach them how to march and stand. I was secretly pleased that it seemed that the Captain was having as much trouble as I had been having in getting them to march in an orderly fashion.

They then went outside to practice cover and concealment exercises. By the end they had a real sense of the difference between them (cover is being hidden whereas concealment is hiding so that the enemy cannot hit you.)

Then they were trained in hand signals so that they can communicate with each other without making a sound. They  had to check around the corner of a building and communicating with hand signals what they saw in terms of numbers of people and whether they are friend or foe.

The next order of events was Mout Training (military operations in urban terrain), which is what you see SWAT teams doing to overtake a criminal in a room. This is used to make sure people are out of buildings before troops in tanks come through. The boys loved taking turns kicking down doors! Much to the boys' surprise, they stacked things against the door to make it a bit harder for them to kick the door down. James was able to do it, however, after the second try.

They ran out of time before they got to the promised code breaking and trajectory training, that just leaves more games for us to play at home.

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