Nature Study Lesson 20: House Sparrow, The Backyard Birdsong Guides and Listening to Bird Calls

"...children may get a great deal of pleasure in watching the ways of sparrows..."
-Charlotte Mason, Home Education, Vol. I, p. 59

The Sparrow is the bird that represents the small size in birds. Sparrows are very common and there are many varieties. We chose the House Sparrow to add to our homemade field guides. They painted pictures of them and listened to their calls.

We absolutely love our bird guide that makes bird sounds, The Backyard Birdsong Guide: Eastern and Central North America (Backyard Birdsong Guides). With a touch of a button, we can hear as well as see the birds we are studying.
It also has quite a bit of good information.

and illustrations in beautiful, bright colors.

"...(the sparrow) has interesting habits which we should observe."
-Handbook of Nature Study, page 85

We discussed whether we had heard the different sounds before, and what the sounds are similar to, so that we can remember them. We are looking for these birds (the crow, robin and sparrow) on our nature walks, but we are also using these three birds to help us describe any bird we come across, comparing their sizes to them.

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