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Food and Culture; Lesson 6: Africans

Lesson 6: Africans

Research the cuisine that West African slaves brought to America and describe it in your notes. Include one American food recipe that has its origins in Africa. What traditional food might be served on Juneteenth?

Optionally, make some or all of a West African meal to serve to your family. Here is some suggestions:

A West African Meal
Ginger Beer or Green Tea with Mint

Research East African traditional cuisine and compare and contrast it to West African cuisine. What countries have influenced East African cuisine.

Ethiopian Dinner

Honey Wine, Ethiopian Coffee

Research the Nigerian child naming ceremony. What foods are used in the ceremony and what do they symbolize?

What is pica? Why does it occur?

What factors of the traditional African American diet contribute to health problems such as high blood pressure?

A Traditional Black Southern Supper

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