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Food and Culture: Lesson 3: Regional Americans

Lesson 3: Regional Americans
List and describe factors influencing regional cuisine. Pick a regional cuisine from the list below and summarize the influences. You can talk about other foods from the region. You do not have to limit yourself to what is mentioned in the menus. Optionally, make another menu menu for this region. You could also cook one or more dishes from this region for your family.

A New England Supper

A Mid-Atlantic Brunch
Scrapple with Eggs
Toast with Apple Butter
Bagels and cream cheese

A Great Lakes Sampler

A Hearty Plains Lunch

A Southeastern Luncheon

A Gulf Coast Supper

A Southwestern Supper

How did Native American foods and cooking techniques influence regional United States cuisine?

Compare and contrast the preparation of beans, corn and apples in different regions of the United States.

Describe one unique recipe associated with a particular region of the United States.

What region of the United States has the healthiest cuisine associated with it?

If you wanted to choose to eat unhealthy for one day, which regional cuisine would you most like to try? Why?

What foods would you have if you decided to eat locally sourced foods? Make a menu using these foods. List some arguments for eating locally sourced foods.

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