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Saint Francis DeSales

Middle School American History : Revolutionary War

Research about George Washington's role in the war. Write a persuasive article about why George Washington was the Right leader for the Americans.

Continue to add dates and events to the timeline.

The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson. The Americans wanted the world to know why they were breaking away from England. Read the Declaration of Independence and write a summary of the important points of the document.

Write about the significance of July 4th.

Write about the concept of Self-government as opposed to the Monarchy of England and other European countries.

Research about the writing and debating of the Declaration of Independence.

Look at a copy of the Declaration of Independence.  Divide it into its four parts: The Preamble,  A Declaration of Rights,  A Bill of Indictment,  and A Statement of Independence. Write a couple of sentences stating the purpose of each part.

Write the Declaration of Rights in your own words.

Field Trip: The original document is preserved in a special case in the National Archives building in Washington DC.

Who was on the committee assigned to write the Declaration?  Who actually wrote most of it? How many delegates signed it?  Why is John Hancock 's signature larger and first? Why didn't George Washington sign it?

Research the Liberty Bell.

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