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Middle School American History : Madison and The War of 1812

Research about the War of 1812. Find out how messages were sent in those days. Draw a diagram showing how the British announcement might have traveled across the ocean.

Read the Star-Spangled Banner and write a paragraph about what it meant at the time

Research about  James Madison and add him to your timeline and the dates he was president. What was Monroe ' s experience with government before becoming president? Why were his years in office called "The Era of Good Feeling "? What was interesting about the number of votes he received in his second term? What land acquisitions were made during his terms in office?  What was the Missouri Compromise?  What is the Monroe Doctrine?  How does it affect our foreign policy today?

Research about James Monroe the fifth president.

Write the War of 1812 and the dates it lasted on the timeline. Research this war. Why did Madison ask  Congress to declare war against the British? What happened two days before the war was declared and why did it not stop the war? Did everyone in America want another war? Which regions wanted war the most? Why? Where was most of the war fought? Who were the War Hawks? Why didn't some Americans want to fight? What were the chief battles and who won them? What happened on August 24, 1814 in Washington, DC?  When did the Treaty of Ghent take place?  What was settled? Were the initial causes of the war settled? Why was the Battle of New Orleans unnecessary?

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