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Middle School American History : George Washington

  • Write an outline on George Washington. Fill in the outline by adding details under each of the following headings:
    • Early Life
    • Soldier -Statesman
    • President
  • Write the dates of Washington's presidency on the timeline.
  • Research the early history of the Nation's permanent capital,  Washington, DC . Who chose the site?  Why was it selected?  On what river was it located? Why was it not a part of any state? Research the planning of the capital and the people involved?  When was it completed?  Who was the first president to live in it?
  • Plan a field trip to the city of Washington DC. Find the major buildings and landmarks such as the White House, the Capitol building, the Supreme Court building, the National Mall, and so on. Drawn pictures of the three monuments to President Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln. Plan a day or a week in the city. Make an itinerary of visits. Write a summary of each visit explain why it is a significant place. Washing DC was a well-planned city. Read about the history of the city and of the physical layout. Washington DC is not part of any state. Many residents think it should be considered a state on its own. Read about the local government of Washington DC.
  • When the president is elected, he chooses advisers, call the cabinet. Research about the cabinet and list the department. List the current head of each department in the cabinet.
  • Research some of Washington DC highlights, such as the Museums, monuments and some buildings. Use a map of Washington to locate these places.

  • Study the interior of the White House. Discuss the purpose of the different rooms. Discuss the influence of the different presidents and their wives.

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