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Hands-On History: Ancient Egyptian Clothing


To make the head covering, you will need a 24" x 24" white muslin, If you want to add the asp, you will also need aluminum foil for the snake and gold jewels for eyes. Roll the foil and fold it to make a cobra shape, then spray painted it gold and hot glue on the jewel eyes. Paint some 3/4" ribbon with gold spray paint and use that to go around the head covering and, if you are using it, put the asp on. Measure the head, then remove the ribbon and staple it. Now you can put it on the head and wrapped the tin foil snake around it. 


The shendyt is a kilt-like garment which was made of cloth and was worn around the waist, typically extending to above the knees, in ancient Egyptian society.

You can make a shendyt from the same material as the headpiece. Bring it together in the front and sewed it to keep it firm. Another strip of the same type cloth can be used as a belt. Your student will need to wear shorts under the shendyt.

Arm Cuffs

You can make a really nice arm cuff from a recycled Gatorade bottle, which are already molded with indentations. Cut the side of the circle so there is an opening, and then spray painted it gold. We glued on gems.

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