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Hands-On Ancient History: Replica of the Ancient Egyptian Death Mask

To make a replica of the Ancient Egyptian Death Mask, you will need poster-board, a full plastic face mask, newspaper, an empty paper towel roll, flour, aluminum foil, gold spray paint and blue acrylic paint. Optionally, you can also use small plastic gem stones.

Trace the mask and cut it out on the poster-board, leaving about an inch so the mask would stay still. Hand sketch out the rest of the mask and then cut it all out of the poster-board. Tape a portion of the paper towel tube for the beard onto the bottom of the mask.
Paper mache the entire front of the mask, using 1-1 ratio of flour and water for the paper mache.
Once the paper mache is dry, spray paint the mask, front and back, with gold spray paint.

Paint on the blue stripes with blue acrylic paint. Make the snake out of foil and spray paint it gold. Optionally, add tiny gems for eyes.

This post was originally posted January 20, 2014  

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