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DIY Zombie- Apocalyptic Summer Learning Camp, Phase I, part E: Zombies Attack!

Now that your reconnaissance team has located the "zombies" and have reported that they are on their way to where you are, our story continues. Before the "zombies" make their way to you,  however, you need to train your students in tactical maneuvers.

Warm-up Activity : Building a Nerf Zone

Water Balloon Fight Forts
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A Nerf zone can be created in several ways with whatever materials you have on hand, or can buy cheaply.
Instructables has instructions on how to make cardboard structures at How to Throw a Nerf Battle Birthday Party.
Water Balloon Fight FortsCoolfest Party ideas shows another way of using cardboard boxes to make field features.

Bunkers can also be made just from garbage bags and inexpensive reflective sticks. Instructions can be found at the Youtube video, Nerf Battle field for $35.
Build a Nerf War Battlefield for a Nerf War birthday party or a summer filled with fun! A brilliant outdoor engineering challenge using upcycled items.
STEAM Powered Family gives suggestions on how to build structures from pallets and old tires.

Hogwash also gives some good ideas for inexpensive pallet structures.

Lesson Tactical Maneuvers

Now that they have worked on the structures for the "zombie" wars, it is time to teach your students some Tactical Maneuvers.
Pie a Corner -- Don't get close to the corner. Increase your view around the corner in increments
The first lesson is called Pieing a Corner. In order to not to be hit by a Nerf gun, teach students to step out away from the corner rather than right at the corner of the structure. Then, they should come out from the structure a little pie slice at a time so they are not too vulnerable to being hit. Have them practice peeking around walls and shooting targets. 

Drill them in rolling and shooting target on their knees. Discuss with them when they would want to use this technique. 

Lastly, drill them on running and shooting a target without stopping. This is a last ditch method.

Now they can divide into two teams (or you can do students against adults, if you have enough), and practice ducking behind boxes, shooting targets and advancing to the other side, using the techniques you have just covered while playing Capture the Flag.

Literature Study:  Apocalyptic Novels

Discuss the characters within the novels and how they are similar and different in the novels. Your student should now be thinking of a topic to write an essay on Apocalyptic novels.

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  1. There's a Nerf gun place near here with some fun structures to hide behind, my kids really want to build some for our backyard.


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