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DIY Summer Zombie Apocalypse Learning Camp, part 2 A: Geography and Resettlement

Geography and Resettlement

In phase two, the zombie attack has abated, and yet there is an on-going threat of their return to the area in which the students are, so student must think about relocation. In this part, students use knowledge of the physical environment to decide where to build the resettlement.
If you are lucky enough to have an area that you can use, such as a park, that has various physical features for your students to use, then you will have the easiest time at completing this activity. All  you need to do is print out or make a map of the area. If you don't, then you can make a map that has the following physical features for your students to use as a guideline to the imaginary terrain at their disposal.
  • Body of water (transportation routes, water for drinking and farming)
  • Flat land (easy to build)
  • Fertile soil (for crops)
  • Forests (timber and housing)
Before they are given a map, have your students come up with physical features that would be good for their survival in the event of relocation. Guide them to come up with the previous list and also list beside the features why they are necessary for a good  place for relocation.

Now, give them a map that has these features, as well as other features and have them design, as a group, their settlement. If it is an actual location, they will be able to use the area for future projects.

The Science Fiction-Apocalypse Genre

At another time, you can discuss with your students the books they have been reading. Discuss the science fiction-apocalypse genre, encouraging your students to site examples from the texts they are reading.
  • aliens, whether little green men, zombies or vampires
  • placed in a different time setting, whether futuristic or alternate history 
  • often has advanced technology
  • prophetic future, dystopia
  • exploration of popular societal or cultural issues

High School Math Project

High school students can complete the outbeak section of Zombie Apocalypse from 21st Century Math Projects. 

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  1. I love hand drawn maps like the one you put in the post, they always intrigue me, and are so much fun to study.


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