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DIY Zombie- Apocalyptic Summer Learning Camp, Phase I, part C: Infiltrating the Lair

If your students don't come up with the idea on their own, guide them to the idea that they need to infiltrate where the zombies are in order to extract some DNA from them to gain more information about their mutation. You will need to make up a sheet with a gene mutation sequence on it (you choose which one) for them to look at and determine which gene mutation is affecting these invaders.

Lessons in Stealth

Give students a little lesson on how to move silently


After the lesson, turn practice into game time.  Start a game where one person sits centrally in a room (blindfolded, if need be) and challenge everyone else to get from one side of the room to the other without being heard.

Infiltrating the Lair

Now the students are ready for their next assignment. You will need to have equal numbers of students and those playing the zombies. The zombies hide in an area where they can hide, such as a wooded area. Once they are hidden, the students, acting as spies, need to carefully go into the area and find and tag a zombie before the zombie can see them. Once a zombie has been tagged, then the students have won the game. (I make sure this happens after a bit of effort on the student's part by having adults play the zombies so that the zombie can let one of the students catch him.) Encourage the students to prepare in advance what teamwork strategies they will use in order to tag the zombie and "get the blood sample."

The Gene Mutation

After this activity, students are then given a sheet with the gene mutation sequence on it and they need to decide which one the invaders have (see Zombies and Mutations.) Make sure all the students can tell you where mutations take place and how at least one of them occurs.

Writing Activity: Evacuation Plan

Have your students write an evacuation plan. If they are having trouble, have them research how to write an evacuation plan for any disaster. 

Literature Study:  Apocalyptic Novels

Discuss the elements of Apocalyptic or Dystopian literature. To get an idea of the elements, you might want to read Dystopian Elements and Characteristics - Basic Building Blocks of Dystopia.
If you want additional help, you can use Dystopia Literature Circles for Any Dystopian Fiction.

Next Week

Next, the zombies attack and students get to learn defensive and offensive military strategy in order to defeat the attack.

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