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Civil War Projects for Middle and High School

  • Create a museum display on a famous battle. Present information on commanders, geography of the battle, dramatic moments and ultimate results. Use a diorama with small lights to direct the viewer to key points. Create a audio presentation to go with it with era music or dramatic readings.
  • Create a museum display on an important figure of the war.
  • Research a present both Confederate and Union flags showing the development and variety of flags on one or both sides.
  • Research and prepare food and present a display showing a typical meal from the Confederate or Union sides.
  • Research uniforms of both sides and take pictures or make drawings showing the wide variety from one or both sides.
  • Research and create a display on the geography and terrain of the Civil War.
  • Read about weapons and present a display showing the development of weapons during the Civil War.
  • Research camp set up. Build a small diorama of a camp, showing tents, campfires, soldiers and rifle stacks.
  • Research hospitals and their instruments and supplies. Build a display showing pictures, drawings or actual instruments used during the war.
  • Create s display of money used during the Civil War.

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  1. In Austin there's a Texas military museum, and several of the exhibits they have on display are large scale models/dioramas created by a high school (I forget where), but they've got model figures of the different people in the battle, recreations of the scenery, it's amazing and definitely museum quality work. I was fascinated by the models.
    I bring this up because the battle recreation reminded me of it, and that we can expect great work from our kids if we are willing to give them the time (this took months for the classes to produce).


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It means so much.