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Civil War, Part 4: 1863


Part IV: When Abraham Lincoln was a Lawyer from Illinois

Kingfisher, pgs 346-353

Monday: Timeline

Franz Josef
First World's Fair
Napoleon III
Richard Wagner
Mark Twain
Nana Sahib
Florence Nightingale
Oil Well
Jenny Lind
Stephen Foster
Japan and Perry
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Victor Emmanuel II
Woodrow Wilson
Theodore Roosevelt
Hans Christian Andersen
Stephen Douglas
Jefferson Davis
Willie and Tad Lincoln

Tuesday: Telegraph Office

President issues proclamation to free slaves.
Lincoln signs first Draft Law.
Lee wins Pyrrhic victory at Chancellorsville.
Gettysburg is crucial to victory; Lee retreats.
Mississippi fortress of Vicksburg falls to Grant.
Draft riots erupt in New York City.
Confederates win savage battle at Chickamauga.
President issues Thanksgiving Proclamation.
Lincoln delivers address at Gettysburg.
Union forces win Chattanooga.

Field Trip

Gettysburg, PA

Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center is open 8 am - 6 pm April - October and Park Roads are open 6 am - 10 pm and Soldiers' National Cemetery is open Dawn - Dusk.
From November - March, the Museum & Visitor Center is open 9 am - 5 pm, the Park Roads are open 6 am - 7 pm and the Soldiers' National Cemetery is open Dawn - Dusk.

Entry to the park and visitor center is FREE OF CHARGE
There is a fee for the film "A New Birth of Freedom" at the 
Museum and Visitor Center, and there are additional fees for Licensed Battlefield Guides and the David Willis house.

Hands-On Activity

Reenactment of Pickett's Charge

If you have enough people, you can reenact this will actors, if not, your student can use plastic soldiers and either take pictures or a video. There is a beginning monologue, but the rest of the action should be described by the student. He should write his script in advance.

Narrator: It is July 3, 1863. For about two hours Southern gunners have sent a firestorm of artillery shells against the Union at a point called The Angle. These guns, however, have not fallen silent. Union Commander George Meade thinks the imminent attack will be a frontal assault on The Angle. He and his men are ready. The stillness is ominous. 

  1. Confederate troops start moving forward. (If using actors, start the Confederates 175-200 yards away and have them move at a rate of about 1 yard every second.)
  2. All Rebs release their best rendition of the Rebel yell and yell it several times over the course of the battle.
  3. Two or three Rebel soldiers are hit and fall to the ground dead; one Union man falls dead.
  4. Two or three more Rebs are hit and fall to the ground dead. One is carrying the colors. Another Red picks up the flag and moves forward.
  5. A Confederate officer with his sword drawn says, "Home, boys, home. Remember home is over beyond those hills." Two Union boys fall dead.
  6. One or two more Rebs fall, one is shot in the chest, another receives a fatal head wound.
  7. All Union troops chant several times, "Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!"
  8. One Union officer yells, "Glory to God! Glory to God! See the Vermonters go at it!"
  9. One Union officer yells, "See 'em! See 'em!"
  10. One Union officer yells, "Fire! Fire! Another says, "Come on, boys. Give them the cold steel! Who will follow me? One Union soldier falls dead.
  11. The remaining Rebel army turns around and retreats quickly to the woods where they began.
  12. General Pickett puts his hands to his forehead and shakes his head in disgust and grief.
  13. All Union troops cheer enthusiastically for several seconds to several minutes.
  14. General Lee flits back and forth, telling his troops as they return to the woods, "It's all my fault...all my fault."


Wednesday: Poetry

Research and read poetry composed during the Civil War. (Walt Whitman 's O Captain, My Captain is an example.) Can you write a poem with a Civil War theme?

Thursday: Delivering a Speech

The Gettysburg Address

Have your student deliver this speech, hopefully in costume.

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