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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Civil War, Part 3: 1862


PART III: When Abraham Lincoln Kept Store in Illinois

Kingfisher, pgs 340-345

Field Trip

Antietam /Sharpsburg

Monday: Timeline

Andrew Jackson
William Lloyd Garrison
Charles Dickens
Postage Stamps
Black Hawk
Boers Great Trek
Oregon Trail
China, Hong Kong
Louis Philippe
Clipper Ships
War with Mexico
Zachary Taylor
Winfield Scott

Tuesday: Telegraph Office

Battle between ironclad ships ends in a draw.
Grant wins decisive battle at Shiloh.
Admiral Farragut captured New Orleans for Union.
Federal Homestead Law signed.
Stonewall's classic offensive highlights Shenandoah campaign.
McClellan loses Seven Days 'Battle;  Lee could seize momentum.
Confederates win Second Bull Run battle.
Sioux uprising put down in Minnesota.
Bloody Antietam gives Union victory.
Union disaster at Fredericksburg;  Burnside replaced.

Wednesday: Journal

Write a one page narrative describing a chance encounter your character had with someone  (or something ) famous during the Civil War. Perhaps you were at Ford's Theater, or  you ran into a congressman with a box lunch at the first Battle of Bull Run or perhaps you heard Lincoln deliver his Address...use your imagination. You will need to do some research before writing this entry.

Thursday: Projects

Begin Civil War Museum display. Research something that was in important person place or thing in the Civil War and construct a display as if it were to go in a museum. It could be a diorama, a video production or a visual presentation. Visit museums to research how information is presented in a professional manner. Observe how captions, titles, models, pictures and documents are used in the displays. Plan carefully. Your presentation should be both accurate and entertaining. Think about colors, borders, lettering, labels, and the use of audio or video components. Use bright and contrasting colors.Try to limit the written word on your display, while at the same time conveying all the key elements. Use many visuals such as pictures, props or maps. Your presentation must have:

  • a neat and clear title
  • borders and mats around pictures, captions and maps
  • precise lettering
  • lots of visuals. Try to keep the word limit to about 500 words. Use pictures, drawings, maps, timelines and props to convey the information.
  • Integrate into your display audio or video components.

Civil War Culture

Friday: Music

Listen to recordings of songs people sang during the Civil War. (Dixie. The Bonnie Blue Flag, John Brown's Body, Marching Through Georgia,  Battle Hymn of the Republic, When Johnny Comes Marching Home). If you are musically inclined,  can you compose a Civil War song?

Hands-on History


If you have a large enough group to play, baseball the way it was played then would be so much fun! Gloves, masks and other specialized equipment were not used. The ball was, instead a tightly wound ball of twine and bats were long pieces of wood.

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  1. Not too surprisingly there are not a lot of good Civil War field trips here in Texas.


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