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Civil War, part 1, The Coming of the War

part 1, The Coming of the War


Abraham Lincoln's World, Genevieve Foster, Abraham Lincoln is Born, The Story Begins, and part I: When Abraham Lincoln was Born in Kentucky

Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, pgs 318-321


Make a timeline that includes the years 1800-1815. Add the following people to the timeline in the appropriate places.You must decide whether you are going to add them at their birth time, death time or when they made their greatest impact on history, or all of these.
Nelson Bucher
Alexander I
Victor Hugo
Thomas Jefferson
Robert Fulton
John Marshall
James Madison
Henry Clay
Daniel Webster
John Calhoun
Francis Scott Key
Andrew Jackson
The Constitution /Old Ironsides
George III

Role-Play: Making Characters

For this scenario,  you will be making two characters. One will be the field army identity,  a soldier (always male), whatever rank you decide to be and the second will be a home identity, who is a wife, sister, brother,  father,  mother, son, daughter or whoever you want this character to be. The only requirement is that this character must be close to the field army identity. Determine the names, ages, relationships, rank or occupation, family, Hometown, education, character traits and opinion on slavery for both characters.

Write a one page autobiography, fleshing out the character statistics. Fabricate your character's life up to 1861 when the war breaks out.

Journal Writing

  • Each entry should be between 3/4 to a full page.
  • Each entry should be dated parallel to the events of the week. For example, if you are studying the year 1860, then your entry should be dated sometime in 1860 and the events in the entry should be seasonally appropriate to the month you have picked.
  • You should write two entries a week, one from the field identity, and one from the home identity.
  • Fill your entries with the things learned about -the events, people and life from the Civil War era. Your writing should always be historically accurate. Each entry should include at least 4 historical facts learned during the week. Highlight the facts with a highlighter pen.
  • Try to write as you might write to a relative today but do not use modern slang or references to inventions and conveniences not yet in use or people not yet born. The tone should be conversational.
  • Stay in character when you write, referencing the reactions to the events taking place through the character's eyes.


Use these words in this week's journal.
Cartridge box
Main attack
Salt pork


Each week you will be researching information about the events of the war and condensing them into a brief and interesting telegram to include in your notebook. This week research what was going on in the year 1860 (and before, if you wish) and jot down some of your own conclusions about how what happened before the war, led up to the start of the Civil War. You will have to condense what you have learned into about three facts that you could write in a telegram form.


On an appropriate map :

  • Color and label the seeding states in 1861, which made up the Confederacy. Locate the capital. Draw the Confederate flag.
  • Color and label the Northern states which fought as the Union. Locate the capital. Draw the Union flag.
  • Label the four border states.
  • Label the major rivers and mountain ranges in the Confederacy and border states.
  • Label the major bodies of water touching the Confederate states
  • Label Fort Sumter and add add the date of when the war began.
  • Label these major battles:
    • Battle of Manassas /Bull Run
    • Battle of Antietam /Sharpsburg
    • Battle of Gettysburg
    • Sherman s March
    • Appomattox Court House 

Newspaper Article

Research and write a newspaper article with the headline about the shelling of Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861.

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