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Pioneers, part 9: On the Trail

part 9: On the Trail

Monday: Timeline

Add "1849-1850: Gold Rush to California." on timeline. Have your student research the Gold Rush and write a paragraph about it in his history notebook.

Tuesday: The Role-Play

(Those on the California Trail)
The wagon train is traveling  along the Humboldt River, which is about 290 miles long. The grass supply is so short that your guide is afraid the livestock will not have enough to eat. Alkaline dust is irritating everyone's throats and eyes.

(Those on the  Oregon Trail)
You are continuing northwest. You guide says that the wagon train needs to stop for a long rest (few days), but the wagon train can choose which one. Do you want to stop at Soda Springs, Fort Hall or Fort Boise? (When you get to the agreed upon spot, stop for at least 3 days.)

(If they go on the Burial Grounds Trail) Many wagons are running low on water and the only water near tonight's camp is dirty and stagnant. The guide has called for a wagon train meeting to decide what to do about this problem. No delay for a successful solution. 200 DPs if they solution does not please everyone,  but is successful for most people. 400 DPs if there is no resolution.

(If on the Burial Grounds Trail) As you are traveling near the sacred burial grounds,  a large band of Indians begin to follow you. Your guide is worried that they may attack and has ordered all wagons lightened in case you must make a run for it. The guide hopes that you can get close enough to the nearest Fort that the Indians will be afraid to attack. You must lighten your load to a maximum of 800 BW units. Due to loss of supplies, subtract 1 EF. If you do not lighten your load, subtract 300 DPs each day you do not lighten your load.

(On the Burial Grounds Trail) Your wagon train has been attempting to outrun the Indians who have taken up the chase. It is almost dusk and you all realize that you will not be close enough to the next Fort for help, so the decision has been made to stop, circle the wagons and hope you can successfully defend yourselves against any attack that may occur.A fight suddenly begins at dawn with 30+ warriors attacking your wagon train. Anyone who is hit will first be hit by an arrow in the right arm. If some members die, let it be the spouses of the wagons. 250 DPs for the fight.
There is a 20% chance each wagon will be shot with a flaming arrow. Have the player roll two 10 - sided dice, one for the ones column, and b one for the tens. A 20 or less means this has happened to their wagon. Subtract 1 EF  for the loss of supplies. For the remainder of the trip,  they must find another wagon that will allow your family to ride with them.

(If on the Burial Grounds Trail) During the fight, some of the livestock (roll a 4-sided die to see up to how many) were run off an lost. Roll a 6-sided die,  1= oxen, 2=cows, 3= goats, 4=mules, 5=horses, 6=you find your lost animals.

(If on the Cheyenne River Trail) Three young men from your wagon train who are known as hothead because they are fast with guns, fists and mouth, rode into camp late this afternoon with the scalps of two Indians. The three had spotted a small hunting party from a nearby village. They tracked the Indians down, killed them and scalped two of the hunters. The guide has called for a wagon train meeting to decide what to do about these men before hostilities break out. 400 DP's for a good solution,  600 DP's for an acceptable decision  and 800 DP's for no decision and subtract 6 EFs due to two men lost in the fight that breaks out with the Indians.

(On the Cheyenne River Trail) You have been out for several months and you have been using a lot of your food and some of your supplies. Food is beginning to run short. You  are becoming weak. If the wagon does not carry the following items, you will lose EFs: sugar, 1 EF, Pinto beans, 2 EFs,  salt,2 EFs, dried meat, 1 EF, flour, 1 EF.

Wednesday-Friday: Writing

Have your student work on his research paper and on his Trail Guide.

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