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Pioneers, part 12: The End

part 12: The End

Monday: Timeline

Have your student add to his timeline: 1869: First transcontinental train completed, however it did not stop travel over the Oregon Trail.

Tuesday: Role-Play

You are now about to cross the mountains. The trail is rocky in places. In other places, the ruts are very deep. By the looks of it, it is clear that some wagon wheels prior to you have gotten stuck in the ruts. Part of the mountain trail is very steep. You have heard that people sometimes take the wagon wheels off and let the wagons down with ropes. What do you do?

As you descend, it begins to snow in the mountains and the Indian guide, who has been with your your Wagon Train since you left Paradise, tells you that this is the fourth snow of the season. The snow nearly blocks the path but he believes that it is still open, but with the snow now coming down it will soon be closed for the rest of the winter what should you do?

Roll a D6 and on a roll of 3, the wagon has this happen to them: The toll on your wagons is to the point that you must stop and repair the tongue before you continue 200 DPS

Roll a six-sided die. On the roll of a 6, the wagon has this happen to them, someone stole all of your flour and dried meat last night. What do you do? For a good solution you continue with no delay. For an acceptable solution 400 DPS,  for no solution, 800 DP's.

50 %: Last night a pack of hungry wolves attacked the wagon trains herd of cattle. Two cows were killed and you had to destroy to others because of the wounds they received. The GM picks which were killed, which wounded.

(If they decide to go over Snow Pass.)
The heavy snow continues to fall making your progress slow and difficult as you near the top one of the lead wagons slides halfway off, and the trailer overturns. You are trapped and the cruel winter has you. You see the snow continue to fall for nearly a week and your wagons are snowed in for the winter. If you have snow shoes you manage to walk over the pass and reach safety, otherwise you have a 65% chance of making it out alive.

(If they decide to send out scouts to check the trail.)
The scouts take several hours to make it up to the pass and then return. Valuable time is lost as they report that the pass was still open but the hard snow will close it within the next few hours. You now have to decide what you're going to do.

(If they decide to stay in High Valley for the winter.)
The winter came quickly you manage to build a few shelters and collect some additional supplies before the winter sets in. During the Long Winter the game is scarce and the weather extremely cold. When spring arrives and you can move again you find that you have lost three fourths of your supplies and a number of men, women and children have lost their lives. The Wagon Train weakly makes its way to the Valley, a mere skeleton of the enthusiastic group that left Fort Independence

(If they decide to return to Paradise.)
Going back is rough. The snow clogs the trail and the pass is full of deep snow. There is a 15% chance you're trapped at the pass and wiped out by the savage winter. If you have snow shoes, you have 50% chance to succeed and make it back to Paradise where you spend the winter. When spring arrives, you have only a few supplies left. Your money is gone and the best land in the Valley is gone. You have, however, your life and your family

Wednesday: Writing

For Those who Arrive in Oregon.
You have finally arrived in Oregon It is now the start of the rainy season. Food is scarce, and your supplies are low. What must you do to survive your first winter in Oregon?

For Those that went to California.
You have arrived in Sacramento and you're ready to find gold. Are you going to mine or use a stream? Describe the tools you use and how you use them.

Thursday: Writing Projects

Have your students finish their writing projects

Friday: Presentations

Have your student present to an audience (can be just your own family) everything he has done and talk about what he has learned.


  1. Oh, I so love reading these, and have lots and lots of ideas now for our Texas history colonization unit....

    1. I really love how we give each other ideas back and forth!

    2. I really love how we give each other ideas back and forth!


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