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Pioneers, part 11: Encounters on the Trail

part 11: Encounters on the Trail 

Monday: Timeline

Have your student add to his timeline: 1854: Kansas-Nebraska Act opened up these territories for settlement.

Tuesday: Writing

Write a "roadside telegraph" -a message that you will leave for wagons that are following you. It has to be written using sun-bleached bones or on paper attached to a stick. Sketch what this message would look like.

Wednesday: The Role-Play

(For those traveling the California Trail) You are at the Humboldt Sink. The only water supply is from springs and geysers that spout boiling hot, stinking water. Just beyond this is the Forty Mile Desert, where nothing grows and there is no water.

(For those on the Oregon Trail)
The wagon train has passes Fort Boise and is now approaching the Blue Mountains. The oxen are tired and are having a hard time pulling the wagon. The oxen will never be able to pull the wagon over the mountains. You are going to have to leave some things along the trail.

Roll a 6-sided die. A one means that a large mud slide has blocked the trail and it will take you several days to clear the mud away so the wagons can get through. 500 DP's.

Roll a 6-sided die. A one means that your wagon came down off a rise and fell into a ditch, breaking it's front axle. You must stop while your wagon is repaired. 300 DP's for waiting for the repair and an additional 100 DP's if you are not carrying axle grease.

Roll a six-sided die number 6 wagon repair water barrel has charged loose while going across very Rocky stretch of the trail and fell on the Rocks split open and you lost all the water you had in it if this was your only water barrel subtract 1 EF 400 DPS if you have only one additional $100 if you have two additional barrels

If you have a dog, while looking for firewood you and your dog encounter a coyote that is acting strangely a coyote attacks your dog you think the coyote is rabid writing research paragraph on rabies and how to treat a bite 200 DPI for a good paragraph 400 DPS for an acceptable paragraph 1000 EPS 4 no queria

(For those traveling the California Trail.)
You must travel across the Forty Mile desert. Do you travel during the day or night? During the day, the hot earth burns your feet. You are very thirst-crazed, and people are beginning to be really frightened.

There's very little food along the trail for the animals and those who are not carrying feed for their animals find them growing weak unable to work and in need of Special Care 100 D piece for each animal without feed

The animals are dying because of continuing lack of water lack of food and the extreme heat. Everyone roll percentiles 75% chance that each animal is affected. For each oxen, lose 2 EFs, each cow, 1 EF, each goat, 1 EF, each mule. 1 EF, each horse, 1 EF.

After finally making a cross the Forty Mile Desert, you have reached the small settlement of paradise there is plenty of fresh water from melting snow high in the mountains lush green grass for your animals and if you supplies to replenish those used in lost during crossing the desert after five days in Paradise you arrested the animals are strong and your spirits are high at 10 a.m. and go

You are just two days out of Paradise in the climb has begun to take its toll on your animals the altitude of nails 7000 feet and you still have to climb 2000 feet to get over the past the guide and Scouts have just returned from checking the trail ahead and they have informed everyone on the trip by the train but the trail is going to become very Steep and narrow auction mules and horses will have to be hitched 8 to 10 to each wagon to pull it over the top this will mean repeated trips for all of the livestock to make the final climb a little easier everyone must reduce their wagon loads to a maximum of 500 BW units

Thursday and Friday: Writing Projects

Have your student continue to work on his writing projects.

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  1. I like the writing assignment, and the figuring out how to make sure it survives.

    This particular part is reminding me of one of the Dear America books.


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