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Maryland History and Geography

Maryland map drawn by Sam in 2010.

Inspired by Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom, who recently posted a totally awesome post, The Ultimate Guide to Hands on Learning for Texas history, I have decided to write a series of lessons on Maryland history and geography. I am basing these lessons on what James and I have been learning about Maryland history and geography this year, but I will include sections for all age/grade groups. Wouldn't it be cool if all 50 states could be covered in this manner, with posts written by the bloggers who live in each of the states?

Here are the posts that I will be posting, which will include activities, questions for further research and field trips, if you live close-by.

  1. Where is Maryland?
  2. The State Seal
  3. In the Beginning : The Calvert and Lord Baltimores 
  4. The State Flag
  5. The Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay 
  6. State Dog
  7. A New Colony and the Indians who Lived There
  8. Key Cities and Towns in Maryland 
  9. First State House and the State House Today
  10. Colonial Maryland 
  11. Maryland's Shape and Size
  12. Revolutionary War
  13. Maryland's Neighbors
  14. War of 1812
  15. Elevations of Maryland 
  16. Westward Movement 
  17. Drainage Systems in Maryland 
  18. Civil War 
  19. The State Song, "Maryland, My Maryland"
  20. Rivers in Maryland
  21. Nineteenth Century
  22. Boundaries of Maryland: Mason - Dixon Line, Potomac River and the Atlantic Ocean 
  23. Twentieth Century 
  24. The State Flower
  25. The Delmarva Peninsula 
  26. State Fossil, State Sport
  27. Government 
  28. The Coastal Plain: the Chesapeake Bay,  the Eastern Shore and Southern Maryland 
  29. State Tree, State Fish
  30. State Crustacean, State Boat
  31. The Piedmont Plateau 
  32. The Appalachian Region
  33. Baltimore 
  34. State Bird, State Insect
  35. America in Miniature 
  36. Other Symbols of Maryland

Maryland History, Mary Michael
Maryland Geography,  Mary Michael 
Maryland Symbols,  Mary Michael 

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