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High School American Government, Part 11: The President

What are the powers and responsibilities of the president?

  • Set policy priorities
  • Manage economy
  • Manage federal bureaucracy
  • Recruit for policy makers in executive and Judicial branches

What powers are granted to the president by the Constitution? Any limitations?

  • Chief administrator
  • Chief diplomat
  • Commander in Chief
  • Chief of state
  • Limited by term

How are the responsibilities and power of the president as the nation's chief executive carried out?

  • Executive order
  • Appointments and Removals
  • Budgetary recommendations to Congress

What are the roles and responsibilities of the vice president?

  • Prepare to assume the role of president
  • Presides over the US Senate
  • Whatever roles assigned to him by the President
  1. The president is expected to be responsible for all of the following except:
    1. presiding over the Senate in case of a tie-vote
    2. administering the federal bureaucracy
    3. expressing the nation's sentiments during a time of crisis
    4. presenting the State of the Union Address each year
    5. actually the president is expected to be responsible for all these above things
  2. The right of the executive branch to withhold confidential communications from other branches of government is known as:
    1. administrative censure
    2. executive privledge
    3. the national security exception
    4. executive classification prerogative
    5. cloture
  3. The Institutional Power of the president increased because of all of these reasons except:
    1. Foreign policy crises created an Imperial presidency
    2. The Supreme Court recognized many unilateral executive orders as having force of law
    3. The president's role in the budget increased with the professionalization of the executive branch
    4. Congress became weak
    5. The loss of the right of pardon
  4. Formal regulations governing the executive branch operations are known as:
    1. presidential directives
    2. executive directives
    3. presidential orders
    4. executive orders
    5. executions
  5. The main source of national policy initiatives is the: 
    1. cabinet
    2. president
    3. Congress
    4. Federal Bureauracy
    5. the courts
  6. The office that is responsible for the overall coordination of the intelligence activities of the US government is the:
    1. Defense Intelligence Agencey
    2. Central Intelligence Agency
    3. National Security Agency
    4. Director of National Intelligence
    5. The office of the Vice President
  7. The legislation passed after the Vietnam War, which attempted to limit the war making powers of the president, was the:
    1. The Neutrality Act
    2. Executive Defense Restriction Amendment
    3. Armed Forces Deployment Resolution
    4. Defense Appropriations Act
    5. War Powers Resolution
  8. The Constitution stipulates that the Vice President is to:
    1. prepare himself for the presidency
    2. represent the government at funerals of dignitaries
    3. preside over the Senate
    4. preside over the cabinet in the absence of the president
    5. stay in the country at all times
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 5
  4. 4
  5. 2
  6. 4
  7. 5
  8. 3

High School American Government

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