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Easy Glitter Christmas Balls

I've seen this idea floating all over Pinterest in various forms, but I think it can originally be traced back to Everyday Cricut way back in 2009.
  1. These ornaments are so easy to make, and you only need three things to make them.
    clear glass (or plastic) balls
    glitter, regular or fine
    Floor Polish, which is now generally called Floor Finish

  2. Pop the hanger cap off the top of the ornament, squirt a little floor wax inside the ornament and swirl it around to coat the inside.
    Pour the excess back into the bottle and let the ornament sit upside down for a couple of minutes, until it’s no longer dripping.

  3. Using a funnel or rolled up piece of paper, pour the glitter into the ornament.
  4. Swirl until the entire surface is covered. 
  5. Pour the extra glitter on a piece of paper to use again.
  6. Replace the hanger cap and you’re all done


  1. Looks so pretty! Making these kinds of ornaments is on our Christmas list of things to do!

  2. I remember making a bunch of those back when I was first married as a "ladies craft night," it was a lot of fun to do.

  3. Ooh, pretty! Great craft to do with a group too!


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