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Medieval History in Action: The Third Crusade

A new call for another crusade went out from Pope Gregory VIII. 
Richard I, the Lionheart, lead an English army , but he failed to drive the Arabs from Jerusalem.
The Pope then ordered another crusade and Richard was joined
with King Philip II of France and...
Emperor Frederick Barbarossa of Germany. 
This is known as the Third Crusade, which lasted from 1190-1192.
King Frederick was drowned in his march across Europe and so only a small part of the Germany army continued into the Middle East.
Travelling by boat, King Richard and King Philip sailed into the port of Acre, which was controlled by the Muslims. They wanted to capture it because it would allow them to easily land their ships and move on to Jerusalem.
Although they won, Philip's army was exhausted by the battle, and left for France. Richard, left by himself, made an agreement with Saladin to let the 2000 Muslim soldiers they had captured go in exchange for a ransom. There was a breakdown, however, in the process of payment and Richard ordered their execution.

Both sides fought again in the Battle of Arsur in September 1191, and then marched toward Jerusalem in June 1192, 
...but Richard the Lionheart had a fever and appealed to Saladin to send him fresh water...

and fruit. Saladin even sent Richard a new horse. 

Richard and Saladin formed a truce in which the pilgrims from the west could be allowed to visit Jerusalem without being troubled by the Muslims.

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  1. I so much love these posts. I found Richard the Lionhearted and Saladin to be interesting people.


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