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Beginning Latin Grammar, Lesson 19: Second Conjugation

Latin Grammar for iPad and iPhone
"I would make them all learn English;
and then I would let the clever ones learn Latin as an honour, and Greek as a treat." --Sir Winston Churchill

If your students need to review English grammar before introducing Latin Grammar, go to Simple Grammar.

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All the verbs we have studied so far belong to the First Conjugation. Verbs belonging to the Second Conjugation have the vowel stem -e in thr Infinitive. The Present Tense of verbs belonging to the Second Conjugation is formed in the same way as those of the First.

To form the Present Tense, remove re from the Infinitive and add personal endings.

    Verb.....English derivation.....meaning

  1. Docere......doctor.....to teach
  2. Habere.....habit......to have
  3. Monere.....monitor.....to warn, to advise
  4. Terrere.....terrify.....to frighten
  5. Videre.....vision.....to see
  6. Manere.....remain.....to stay, to remain

Translate from English to Latin.
We are staying in the town.
The man has a slave.
Wars frighten the boys.
The master is teaching the sons of the queen.

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