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Beginning Latin Grammar, Lesson 9: Predicate Nouns

Latin Grammar for iPad and iPhone
"I would make them all learn English;
and then I would let the clever ones learn Latin as an honour, and Greek as a treat." --Sir Winston Churchill

If you need to review English grammar before introducing Latin Grammar, go to Simple Grammar.

Lesson 1: Latin Nouns
Lesson 5: Present Tense
Lesson 6: The Infinitive
Lesson 7: Review
Lesson 8 Direct Object

A predicate noun is used after certain transitive verbs, nut especially after the verb "to be" to describe or define the subject. Predicate nouns, so called because they appear after the verb or in the predicate, are sometimes called predicate nominatives. This showd that, because they describe the subject, they too must take the Nominative vase endings in Latin. Example: Reginae suny dominae. Cornelia est puella.

Translate into English.
Regina est domina.
Poetam laudat.
Pecunis praeda est.
Agricola sum.

Translate into Latin.
We are sailors.
You ate calling Cornelia.
You (plural) are poets

I am praising the lady.
I am a lady.

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