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Planning the Perfect New Year's Eve party for Tweens, Teens and Adults

Would you like to have an inexpensive New Year's Eve Party for your tweens, teens and their parents? This party can even be done last minute as everything you need, if you don't already have, can be picked up easily just about anywhere.

The Decorations

Turn your Christmas tree into a New Year's tree using inexpensive New Year's Eve trinkets and balloons like at Our Best Bites. She stuffs her balloons with money...
but I plan to label them on the outside with times like Life with Moore Babies and stuff them with activities to do for each hour.
Speaking of balloons, you could also make a balloon drop, such as the one from Been There, Pinned That, which serves as decoration and an activity which is fun for all ages.
White balloons, and using balloons as a backdrop or background for a party or reception.
And, following the balloon theme, you could make a photo backdrop like the one from Celebrate and Decorate.

or this simple photo backdrop made just from cardstock stars, fishing line and held up with a curtain rod. Instructions at Tater Tots and Jello...
or this simple one from Ridgetop Ramblings 2 made from a sheet, white christmas lights and paper snowflakes.
Glow In the Dark Guest Tables
And since this party will go late into the night, a glow-stick place setting is in order, like at B Lovely Events.

The Activities

Now that the atmosphere is simply set, what are the activities which we put on slips of paper in the balloons?

5:00 Serve the Appetizers.

New Year’s Crescent DippersOur party starts at 5:00, with some appetizers. We have a few favorite dips planned, plus this year I am making this simple one made from crescent roll dough. Instructions at Pillsbury.

6:00 Fondue

How To Family Fondue from Let's Get Together
Now, dinner will begin. My family loves cheese fondue, so it was a natural choice. If you have never made fondue at home, a good beginners' how-to can be found at Let's Get Together.

7:00 Sherbet Floats

Liquor up your dessert.
Get the recipe from Completely Delicious.
Something refreshing will be appreciated by this time, and these are simple and festive. These, at Country Living, are made with champagne, but they can also be made with a clear soda, such as Sprite.
LAYERED SHIRLEY TEMPLES: Butter With A Side of Bread
Shirley Temples are also a refreshing drink. Recipe at Butter with a Side of Bread.
For New Year's toasts. Fill glass with pink cotton candy and slowly pour champagne or clear soda over it for a fun pink drink. [My kids would love this with Sprite.]:
Or, clear soda poured over cotton candy.

8:00 Marzipan Pigs

How to Make Marzipan Piggies for Good Luck
By this time, they will be ready to do something, so why not make marzipan pigs as they are symbols of good luck in Germany? Feels Like Home has a nice, simple tutorial on how to make them.

9:00 Dessert

Chocolate Fondue
Following the fondue theme, we are having chocolate fondue.There are lots of recipes out there for this, like the one at Hub Pages...
cupcakes in dollar store champagne flutes.:
but simple cupcakes and candies in plastic champagne flutes is also a festive New Year's Eve dessert.
New Year's Eve night treat :
Or, if you prefer cookies and milk, you can present those elegantly, as well.

10:00 Let's Play Games!

New Year's Eve | Play this fun New Year's Eve Game based on the Mad Libs games you played growing up. Free Printables provided for you New Year's Eve fun!

You could start out with this New Year's Eve Resolutions Madlib found at The Idea Room and then on to other of your family's favorite games.

11:00 Frozen Grapes

Grapes: While toasting to midnight on New Year's is often associated with bottles and flutes of champagne, it is a popular tradition in Spain to ring in the new year with twelve grapes, one for each month of the year. Adopt this tradition with your family for a kid-friendly and sweet New Year's Eve treat!:
While you are playing games, you can offer these skewers of grapes to snack on.  It is a popular tradition in Spain to ring in the new year with twelve grapes, and presenting them on skewers is a lovely way to honor this tradition. You can also dip these skewers of grapes in grape juice and roll them in sugar and freeze them for a extra special treat.

12:00 Ring in the New Year!

Who doesn't want to be kissed at midnight as a new year with new possibilities begins?  This New Year's Eve Printable is perfect for that special midnight "kiss"! #newyear #newyear2014 #printables

You can release the balloons in your balloon drop decoration. You can use inexpensive horns decorated your tree with. And, you can give your guests Midnight Kisses, the chocolate kind, using this printable label found at Create Craft Love.

How is that for a fun and inexpensive New Year's Eve party for Tweens, Teens and Adults? What kinds of things are you planning for your New Year's Eve?


  1. Oh! I wish I was at your house tonight :) We're headed to a game night at the church...otherwise I would probably go to bed early, and celebrate the New Year at breakfast.

  2. Happy new year to you and your beautiful family!! What a great collection of party ideas you have here. Fantastic!

  3. Now after reading this I want to go get a Shirley Temple. I always remember drinking them as a kid.


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