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History and Geography Meme #183: American Indians, lesson 9: Native Americans, part 3: Northwest Coast Indians

American Indians, lesson 9: Native Americans, part 3: Northwest Coast Indians

Read about the Indians of this cultural area and list them on the map you have made. How did where they lived influence the homes and food of the Northwest Coast Indians?

The Northwest is an area of many trees including the giant redwoods. The Indians used the plentiful resources available to them to make many things out of wood. Read about the wood working skills of the Northwest Indians.

Write about the events of a potlatch.

Potlaches are feasts held by wealthy Indians designed to prove their wealth and social rank. 

Study the totem poles of the Northwest coast. What did they symbolize? Do we have something like it in our culture?

Tell me about  the villages of the Northwest Coast Indians.

Villages in the Northwest area were built near water. They depended on the lakes, rivers or ocean for fishing. The Northwest Coast Indians constructed their homes from the plentiful wood in the surrounding forests.

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