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Medieval History: The Knight

  • got together a knight's costume and roleplayed being a page, a squire, a minstrel and a knight.
  • reviewed the code of chivalry.
  • made a play swords and had a sword fight and a jousting tournament. 
  • made a play battle axe and practiced throwing them.
  • made a shield.
  • learned about Medieval Venice and the Mongol Empire and wrote about them in their history journals.
  • completed an activity about the feudal system.
  • designed a castle and built a model of the design.
  • wrote and sketched in history journal.
  • math problems involving knights.
  • learned about medieval cities and solved map problems.
  • built a solar water purifier.
  • made gyngerbrede.
  • learned about ladies in waiting.
  • did running long jumps.
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  1. I love the knight costume!

  2. Awesome! We will be doing that this spring and I can't wait!


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