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Medieval History: The Baron

  • looked at the daily life of a baron.
  • read some of The Canterbury Tales.
  • listened to medieval music.
  • made a baron's costume.
  • learned about Hadrian's wall.
  • learned about Matthew Paris.
  • made a plan of a manor.
  • played relay tag and Pickaback relay.
  • learned about the peasant's revolt
  • drew and wrote in their history journals.
  • learned about comets.
  • completed some baron's business math problems.
  • chose a site for a village.
  • learned the parts of and designed a sword.
  • learned about rope making and made some rope.
  • learned about the Magna Carta.
  • made Strawberries-in-the-Snow.
  • Learned about the city of London and wrote in their history journal.
  • Learned about eyeglasses and wrote in their science journals.
  • Designed a Manor house.
  • Winslow Homer's Crack the Whip (1872)
  • Played Shove the Groat and Crack the Whipwhich led to our looking at Winslow Homer's painting entitled Crack the Whip.
  • Learned about the Hundred Years War and wrote in their history journal.
  • Learned about Bath, England and wrote in their history journal.
  • Learned about gunpowder in the Middle Ages and wrote in their history journal.

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  1. I'm thinking of having the kids make a medeival village this week. It came to me as I was driving forever and ever today to get back home.


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