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The End of the Middle Ages and Our Medieval Feast, 2015

The End of the Middle Ages

Read about the end of the Middle Ages. There are many events that caused the medieval civilization to fall back. List some of these events.
  • The Hundred Years war
  • civil wars
  • peasant revolts
  • disease and plague
  • famine
  • trouble in the church
Base on the information you have learned this year, write a short puppet show script that brings to life some aspect of the Middle Ages.  Make puppets for the script. Practice and perform your show for an audience.

The Medieval Feast

Archery, Javelin Throw, Quoits, DobblersHorseshoes and Bocce, Hammer Throwing, Sword fighting, jousting

Set the Table with Trenchers, goblets, wooden utensils, salt cellar, greens and candles, set up hand washing

Trumpet Entry and Announcement of King and Queen

Ceremonial Hand washing

Toasts: Sparkling Cider, Hard Cider or Mead
Course 1: Pottage of split pea, smoked fish
(king passes salt)
subtles: King's rolls and herb butter
Entertainment: Music

Course 2: Present the Boar's Head
Baked Chicken and Roasted Vegetables
Entertainment: The Bard's Ode

Course 3: Sweetmeats
Cheese, nuts, Gyngerbred

The Knighting Ceremony
The Quest: The Queen is Kidnapped! Roleplaying her rescue.
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  2. Holy Toledo! What a way to bring it all together! (Can you hear my round of applause?)

  3. Ha ha ha ha, the queen is kidnapped, I LOVE it!


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