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Early Middle Ages: Magyars and Bohemians (896-1273)

(Previous post on the Bulgars and the Slavs.)
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This week we have been reading about the Magyars and Bohemians.The Magyars were Asian nomads from the steppes of what is now Kazakhstan. They raided Europe very successfully. Eventually German Emperor Otto I defeated them in 955. The Magyars settled down as nobles ruling the Slavs. In 1000 a Magyar became king of Hungary until Mongols swept through the area.
The Moravian ruled Bohemia, which was between Poland and Hungary. The Germans tried unsuccessfully to reclaim Bohemia doing the 800's. Meanwhile, around Prague a new Bohemian state developed, with good king Wenceslas. Bohemia was overrun by the Germans in 1300, but remained linked with Moravia.

  • Read from The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World HistoryA Child’s History of the World by V.M. Hillyer, Story of the World, Volume 2: The Middle Ages by Susan Wise Bauer or The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia. Make notes of key words as you read. Write a few sentences about what you have learned in your history notebook. Another option is to use the Medieval History Portfolio, Homeschool Journey.
  • Read about good king Wenceslas.
  • Color an appropriate map such as the one with History Odyssey, Pandia Press, Level 1 (1-4th grade), Level 2 (5th-8th grade).
  • Include appropriate dates on your timeline.

(Next Medieval history post: Medieval Ireland,  700-1350)

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