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Vegetative Reproduction

We have been learning about the five classes of living things, and the similarities of algae (from the kingdom Protista) and plants make the distinction between the two confusing at times. Algae, however, do not have specialize structures like roots, stems and leaves that plants have.
 This difference can be demonstrated through vegetative reproduction, the process by which the stem of a plant can form new roots and develop into a mature plant. You will need some celery and a dish with water.
 Cut the celery stalks so that you have a few inches from the bottom left on it.
Place the celery in the dish of water and sit the dish somewhere that it is comfortably warm and well lit. Check the dish daily, keeping the dish supplied with water. Note any new developments.
Hopefully you will see the stem grown into another full-fledged plant, which you can then plant in soil. You could also demonstrate this with an Ivy or other houseplant instead.
Algae, on the other hand, does not reproduce with specialized structures.

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  1. Thank you for this - I didn't know that!

  2. Great experiment. We should try to make celery that way!

  3. Growing plants like this is on my to do list someday. Maybe we'll do a botany study this spring..... By then we'll be done with astronomy.

  4. I've never tried that with celery. Very tempting!


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