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Skewer a Balloon?? A Polymer Demonstration.

 Did you know that you can push a skewer right through a balloon without popping it?
First blow up a balloon. Then find the end of the balloon opposite the end that is tied. This end is slightly darker than the rest of the balloon.

Carefully and slowly insert the skewer into this darker area.
You must go very slowly, using your strength to push the skewer into the balloon.

How does this work?
A balloon is made of a polymer, which is a long chain of molecules. When you begin inserting the skewer, the molecules begin to twist around the skewer, so that the skewer has the polymer molecules all around it, creating an airtight seal.

sources and resources:
  • Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics, Jeannie Fulbright

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  1. That probably has some great wow factor with the kids.


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