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Squished Penny Virtual Trip and Geography Album: West Virginia

To read how our Squished Penny Virtual Tour and Geography Album began, read here.

Now that we are focusing our Squished Penny Virtual Trip and Geography Studies on the mainland United States, we will be taking a year-long trip picking up each week's study where we left off the previous week. We begin this tour with West Virginia. We used Google Maps to look at our virtual route and noticed that it would take about six and a half hours to go to our destinations from our house in Maryland. We added this map to our West Virginia page.
German Street, Shepherdstown, WV.jpg
German Street, Shepherd's Town, West Virginia
Our first stop is Shepherdstown,West Virginia which was founded in 1762, and has retained some of its historical elements from both the Colonial and Civil War periods, particularly on German Street in the historical district. We found a few pictures of the historic district online.
The next stop is Oglebay West Virginia. Oglebay Park is located on the outskirts of Wheeling, West Virginia. It has a mansion and farm, winter festival of lights and a zoo.
We added the photos of these sites to our West Virginia page.

Lastly, we added the squished pennies to the album page. It is so hard to get a good enough photo for you to actually see the coins, but I thought I would try with one. 

Squished Penny Virtual Trip and Geography Album
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  1. Traveling by Google Maps is so much fun. Not quite the same as "being there", but it's still fun to spot the interesting sights there are to see.

  2. Love your squished pennies!

  3. I like the idea of printing out a google map to show how long it would take to drive to the place you're studying. I might need to steal that.


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