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Summer Bucket List: Potato Print Watermelon Picnic Blanket/ Tablecloth

We love to go on picnics throughout the summer and especially during the end of August when we take a lot of trips. To make that a little easier, we decided to make our own picnic blanket to bring along with us wherever we go. This can also be used as a tablecloth for a summer party. We decided to go with a watermelon print, since we seem to have that theme going this summer.
To make that characteristic watermelon slice shape, we cut a potato into that shape and applied pink fabric paint to it with a paintbrush.
We then pressed this onto a top sheet that I was willing to sacrifice for the project.
 The pink was then bordered by a line of white fabric paint, or if you are using a white sheet, you can just leave a space between the pink watermelon and...
 a line of green for the rind.
Because it is so simple, everyone can participate, including young children or special needs kids.
Once the pink is dry, you can dot on some black (and white, if you like) seeds. Once it is all dry, you can fold it up and put it in your picnic basket or the back of the car so you will be ready for a picnic anytime.
Originally posted: Aug 7, 2014


  1. That does look fun. The last few times we've worn out sheets, I've ended up using them to make super comfy clothes.


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