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Squished Penny Virtual Trip and Geography Album, Hawaii, part 1: Honolulu/Waikki

 To read how our Squished Penny Virtual Tour and Geography Album began, read here.

For our first virtual trip, we first read about how we would get to Hawaii. We looked at the airports that have flights to Hawaii and saw that BWI in Baltimore has flights and that they take a little over 10 hours to fly to Hawaii.
So, after imagining a ten-hour flight, we began our virtual trip early in the morning at Waikīkī Aquarium where there was much to see, including  a new exhibit which opened just this weekend, called Amazing Adaptations which features seahorses, sea-dragons and pipe-fishes.
Then we were on to the Honolulu Zoo, which houses many types of mammals, birds and reptiles and has beautiful gardens, showcasing Hawaii's beautiful flora. All of this animal viewing inspired a trip to the Endangered Species Store where you can find any kind of stuffed animal. From tiny penguins to giant gorillas, dozens of species are represented.
A quick stop at Magnetz for trinkets, and squished pennies, of course, and another stop at Classic Casuals to pick up some Hawaiian print shirts and swim trunks. 
We also stopped by Animation Magic briefly.
Another stop at Hilo Hattie for some Hawaiian clothing and gifts.
With it being 90 degrees, we needed some cool refreshment and so a quick stop at Waiola Bakery and Shave Ice for some super-fine and soft ice that just melts in your mouth, topped with a choice of the 35 flavors of syrups, and in addition, toppings and add-on.
We tried going to IMAX-Waikiki, but it was closed. 
For our last stops, we went to the Aloha Tower, a lighthouse that is the tallest building in Hawaii and tried to go to the Hawaii Maritime Center, but found that it was closed. A last stop at The Royal Peddler for a few trinkets and postcards and our virtual tour of Honolulu was complete.
We used the pictures we found, along with the squished pennies and made a page for our Geography Album.


  1. The best part of a virtual trip is we can join you :)

  2. A virtual tour, that sounds really fun.

  3. He, he! What enormous fun!!

  4. Haha! Fun! Wouldn't you just love to turn this virtual trip into a reality?


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